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    Three years ago this month she rebuilt my shoulder I couldn’t be happier with the job she did I do heavy construction and test the repair often also like to thank her for putting up with me I can be a bit of a pain with pushing limits after surgery
  • Self-verified patient
    I knew I chose the right Surgeon for what had to be done.I highly recommend this Dr
  • Self-verified patient
    Dr. Vanderbeck is one of the best doctors I have had. She comes in the room with smile and a very uplifting attitude as soon as you meet her and it puts you at ease. Besides that she knows what she is doing. She did two shoulder surgeries for me - one on my left sh...
  • Self-verified patient
    Provider is very good I tell anybody about them.
  • Self-verified patient
    Every VCU appt. has been good and helped me.
  • Self-verified patient
    Provider has a great attitude and welcoming demeanor.

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